Bring your wisdom to our circle.

Explore the expectations, myths, and real experiences of midlife.


During the Wisdom Circle for Midlife Women, you’ll. . .

  • Learn the latest science that will alter your views and experience of midlife
  • Move, write, be silent, listen and share in thoughtful discussion
  • Push through inertia to make a change or figure out what’s next in your life
  • Feel supported by a community of women who are going through a similar transition
sharing a warm cup of tea

Our culture can begin to feel narrow and ill-fitting in midlife, especially with its youth-oriented standards for women. In Green Callings’ survey, one out of three women ages 42 to 60+ report feelings of invisibility. What if midlife were an initiation into deeper sense of belonging, authenticity, and joy?

That’s the spirit of this circle. Please consider joining us!

We gather in the circle for five consecutive weeks, for 90 minutes per session. All sessions are recorded and shared if you’re not able to attend. No homework will be assigned; all work is done within the circle. 🌿