Training Programs

Everything we offer is designed to help you bloom in midlife.

30 Minutes to a Manageable
(& Magical) Midlife

In this 30-minute audio training, you’ll learn actionable steps to shore up your overall health and well-being. You’ll also learn to think differently about middle age and receive the gifts of this time.

sidewalk mandala by Lisa

Wisdom Circle for Midlife Women

In this online circle, you’ll learn how to harness your power in midlife so you can thrive–in health, work, and with the ones you love most. In these sessions, you will move, write, be silent, share, and listen. You’ll hear the stories of other women and touch into wisdom that arises only from community.

Nearly two-thirds of women ages 45-65 want
more ease and peace in their lives.

See how your midlife experience stacks up.