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There have been two times in my life when I felt striking dissonance between my inner experience and our culture.

The first was when I became a new parent and tried to make sense of societal expectations for mothers in my book The Mother’s Book of Well-Being.

The second was when I entered midlife and realized the cultural scripts for aging are meager at best. I can sum them up in one sentence–look young, enjoy grandchildren, and retire early. Only twenty years separated these events. I gave birth to my son when I was 30 and midlife settled in at 50. Life expectancy for women today is 81, and my grandmothers lived well into their 90s.

This dissonance showed up in our survey findings too. When asked what women enjoy most, 65% report that they have more life experience and wisdom in midlife. When asked what their frustrations were, 30% say that they feel invisible.

Culture influences and connects us, and at the same time, we’re connected to something quieter and eternal, a wisdom that deepens as we get older. As we move away from the gifts and responsibilities of the first half of life, midlife delivers new gifts and responsibilities. But these are not discovered by looking to culture, which ties itself to youth.

You may feel called to step into a way of life that is more resonant and authentic for you now. This is the spirit of Green Callings.

Green Callings helps women flourish in midlife.

You belong here.

Green Callings is here to serve the well-being of midlife women, and we do so by offering online classes, women’s circles, and free content.

We’re here for one reason: to help you flourish in midlife so you can bring your wisdom and gifts to the world.

I’m not an expert but someone walking this path with you. I support and share the research and insights of other writers, and especially the lived experiences of everyday women. I believe in the power of community, and know that the wisdom that arises from a group is greater than my individual contribution. That said, I promise to bring you the very best that I’m living and learning.

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