30 Minutes to a Manageable
(& Magical) Midlife

Harness your power in midlife so you can thrive. In this 30-minute audio training, you’ll learn actionable steps to shore up your health, dream big, and bloom brightly.

In addition to the audio, you’ll receive 2 valuable downloads — the midlife health checklist + resource guide.

Get the shortcut to a more joyful midlife today.


What this training offers. . .

🌿 Optimal Healthcare
Learn the healthcare option that midlife women from around the country have found most useful in treating menopausal symptoms and frustrations, so you can consult with the right specialists.

🌿 Reassuring Research
Emerging research offers a promising view of midlife for women. Learn about encouraging discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and behavioral science, and how you can use them to your advantage.

🌿 Healthcare Checklist
This printable checklist is your springboard to find the right healthcare providers. Learn the blood tests and screenings to request, and what information to have ready for your practitioners.

🌿 Hope and Agency
Menopause is an initiation into the second half of your life. It isn’t the destination. If you’re struggling with symptoms or just unsure about what’s ahead, this training will leave you with an unshakable feeling of agency and hope.

🌿 Space to Dream
The second half of life requires a new vision for living. During the audio training, you’ll learn a compelling question that will change the way you view middle age, to create a life that fits you completely.

🌿 Resource Guide
This downloadable guide offers a vetted list of insightful books, podcasts, and websites to support you and keep you up-to-date on current research during this time.

Ready to create a remarkable midlife?

This training will help you feel less alone with the challenges of midlife. Lisa has your back and shows you how to take charge of your health and happiness. After listening to the audio, I felt peace and clarity. Midlife’s a new beginning.

– Rebekah K.

For midlife women. . .

Whether you’re entering midlife or here already, this training is designed for you to take your health and well-being by the reins.

Based on science & shared experience. . .

This training incorporates survey results of midlife women across the country plus cutting-edge research that will alter your views of aging.

A Word from Lisa

Green Callings is here for one reason: to help you flourish in midlife so you can bring your wisdom and gifts to the world.

I created this training to help you jumpstart your path to better health, and to encourage breakthroughs for a joyful and vibrant midlife.

Why wait? Get 30 Minutes to a Manageable
(& Magical) Midlife now!

Listen while you drink your morning coffee. Get your journal and your favorite pen to jot notes and insights. In no time you can take real steps to improve your health AND get clear about what you want during this time of your life.