Have you stepped into the age of Queen?

Months ago I was researching the archetype of Queen as it relates to the life cycle of women. As women enter midlife, we enter an age of growing wisdom and sovereignty. Culture no longer offers us hints and prescriptions for how to live a good life (if it ever did!). Our maiden years have passed, as has new motherhood. The age of crone, which culturally tends to follow the archetypes of maiden and mother, carries connotations of old age that feel difficult to embrace in midlife. 

Midlife means the middle, not late elderhood. If we’re lucky, we have roughly the same number of years left as we have lived, so we have plenty to do and become. Nevertheless, there is a transition that takes place in midlife. Menopause at its best can lead us to healing, growth, and greater sovereignty. Enter the Queen.

During my research, I read a wonderful article on the Queen archetype by sacred mystery teacher Yolanda McAdam. I reached out to her, and we recently taped a conversation about midlife and menopause—its history, symptoms, meaning, and initiation. We also talk about the Queen as the first phase of the wisdom years in the second half of life.

You might remember that one of my new year’s resolutions in 2023 was to create a podcast, to share insights and conversations about midlife. This is my first offering and you can watch or listen to our conversation here.

Join us.

If you’re craving this kind of conversation yourself, I hope you’ll consider joining the Wisdom Circle for Midlife Women. Registration is now open and we’ll meet on Wednesday evenings, beginning September 20.

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