Menopause as Initiation

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on the topic of midlife for women and I wanted to share a book with you, one that has affirmed many of my own experiences, and aligns with Green Callings’ vision that women bloom in midlife.

Authors Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer believe that menopause is not merely a physical transition in a woman’s life, but a psycho-spiritual transition as well, and this is the topic of their book Wise Power: Discover the Liberating Power of Menopause to Awaken Authority, Purpose, and Belonging. Alexandra and Sjanie are the founders of the Red School, which promotes menstrual cycle and menopause awareness. 

Here are a few passages that capture the essence of their work:

  • “Menopause is an immense life event, a great initiation. . . . It grows your authority, steeps you in purpose and awakens you to great power and wisdom, bringing you home to yourself, to a sense of belonging.”
  • “You’re likely to have less physical energy, feel more sensitive, and have way less capacity for dealing with things.”
  • “When trouble occurs with any aspect of your hormonal journey from menarche to menopause you can see it as an early warning signal to attend to yourself more. Menopause symptoms, as well as menstrual symptoms, give us vital feedback about our health.”
  • “Women become more powerful with age, but it’s a power that isn’t recognized.”
  • “The initiation—if you rise to meet the challenge of it—will deliver you into a new awareness or relationship with your Calling.”

For anyone interested in reading and talking more about this book, I’d love to set up a book circle in early December. Send an email to If we have at least six readers, I’ll organize it!

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